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String Quartet for Events

In addition to contemporary music options, Craig Francis Music offers the services of a string quartet comprised of some of Melbourne’s finest instrumentalists.

For weddings, gallery openings, corporate functions, funerals, home parties, Christenings, business launches, anything — classical music or highly arranged contemporary and/or jazz repertoire can add a touch of class to the event.


The string quartet can be hired for music across the duration of the event, or as part of a ‘contemporary + classical’ package, where classical, baroque or romantic period music is played at a ceremony, in accordance with scheduled proceedings or a running order for segments of the event, and then later on, it’s time for guests to loosen their ties, let their hair down and cut the rug with Craig’s contemporary Melbourne wedding band.

For A String Quartet in Melbourne, Ask Us

For quotes on the standalone string quartet, or as a package with other entertainment options, get in touch with Craig Francis Music—Melbourne’s premier event music provider—now.

If classical arrangements aren’t your thing, we can also organise some more contemporary pieces.

Check out some tunes below.

Hear More of Our Great Melbourne Musos Doing the Wedding Band Thing

For more live examples of more ensemble choices to suit your event or budget, see our media page here.For All Tastes – We Have It CoveredGot a preference for certain musical styles? No worries at all.As a wedding band, we’ve played for all types of clients and at events across Melbourne, with setlists that cover everything from good old (and new!) rock ‘n’ roll, to classic and modern soul, funk and R&B, to pop, dance and even classic 80s hits.Head over to our about page’s ‘meet the band’ section to check out some of our repertoire. You can also hit us up via email for our larger client most requested list.