Party is on at the Morrissey Wedding!

What an amazing night this was! There was already a BUZZ in the room as the reception started and guests had started arriving at TRUE SOUTH BREWERY in Black Rock. Glenn Howard was leading the band that night and our bass player stepped in as MC. When the band started playing an early set of funky background music, they could tell straight away that this was going to be a special night. Only some Melbourne wedding bands have them dancing for the early set and this was no exception for Craig Francis Music.

After our MC seated all the guests down for dinner, it was soon time for speeches. Our MC worked with the bridal party and parents who kept the speeches short and funny, to keep things moving. Then it was onto to the bridal waltz (mixed and prepared by Craig Francis especially for the couple) and then it was time to kick off the dance floor. From the word go, the dance floor didn’t stop and at multiple points in the night, the crowd were singing so loud the whole venue could hear them!
We can’t say for sure if people down stairs in the restaurant enjoyed the music but we can say that all who were at reception did!